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Scarecrow Map

First, we made the collection of clowns that will appear in different characters, shapes and stories.

Randomly, 10% of those who are active in setting up the wandering scarecrow collection will be members of Wandering Scarecrow VIP club.

Supply: 10,000
airdrop: free
withelist : 0.001 ETH
Pre-sale :0.003 ETH
Public-sale: 0.005 ETH
Launch date: 15/12/2022

Santa’s NFTs

Our team’s next goal is Santa’s NFTs in variant cute faces.

The owners of previous collection can benefit from new collections‘ concession.

The date unveiling and sale of Santa collection will be announced through virtual spaces.

Snowman NFTs

Snowmens are waiting for your warm affections in extreme cold.

They will come soon…

Teenager scarecrows NFTs

Young girl and boy scarecrows with a romantic mood will arrive in autumn. Scarecrows of our young and loving boys and girls are waiting for autumn.

They will come soon…

Charlie Chaplin NFTs

Charlie Chaplin and his wonders and you have to see it by yourself.
This collection will come soon .…


We have other collections which will be offered in the future. We have a great sales strategy. We burn some of our own nfts to preserve the value of art for our own buyers. We will reveal our own tokens soon and going to have game projects in the future. We go to Metaverse. We will share a copy of “Crypto Futures Trading bot” trade which is our own trade strategy from our team for our vip members.

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