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Frequently Asked Questions

Why wandering scarecrows?
why not?!!!
NFT traders are always looking to identify projects that are prone to growth and plans, those whose activity graph has an upward slope.
As a project that has plans for its next chapters, it seems a bit simple to answer it, but our approach and attitude towards this project is not simplistic.
All content, including text, video and audio, has passed several quality control filters, at the same time, development in the virtual space and the Internet is one of our front lines.
If we say that we are creating unique structures in the field of metaverse, it is honest.
So easily, everything that opportunistic people are looking for is being collected in this project.

Wandering scarecrows are the keys to entering the fantasy and imaginative world of Scarecrow Metaverse
Our story is the story of abandoned scarecrows, of which I am one, who was not cared for by anyone except the creator.
Now this is our revolution, with the help of the artist who created us, and along with this issue, your support is what keeps us going
It is loved by the eyes of the whole world
One by one, the members of the scarecrow family are going to gather in a different gathering in a world you don't expect
A metaverse world that is supposed to make you laugh when you enter and spend hours exploring
You can also experience different and new technology with us
Each of us may be wandering around in real life like scarecrows
But this is an opportunity to form a new family
We will all grow together on this path, we will gain the love and affection of the whole world
And you will achieve your dreams, even big financial profits with your stories
You can find your mission and way of life in an audio and visual way
And end this wandering and have our story in the form of a useful novel for your life
This is a gift
Welcome to this big family.

Take a deep breath
Think how cool this event is
Top up your account
Click on the OpenC link of wandering scarecrows { Opensea / rarible link }
Choose your favorite item
Finalize your purchase
You see, it's done

After the finalization of the purchase, you are able to authenticate yourself in the wandering scarecrow site, we will send your special role in your personal profile to the site and this way you will enter our VIP area.
Also, public spaces are intended for all lovers of NFT and Metaverse.
We would like to interact and have deep friendship with all of you, private spaces and VIP have been considered only in order to serve a series of events and benefit from special potentials.

Opensea and Rarible site and link

Any wallet that supports the Ethereum network.

The answer to this question is a bit difficult at the moment because even the most decentralized projects are centralized at the starting point, while our goal is to create a decentralized nature in the 3D web space, as this space requires.
It just takes a little time, patience and support to implement this.

The entire focus of the scarecrow project is in the direction of growth, development and improvement
If this support is aimed at achieving these goals, our answer is positive.


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